Tell your story effectively and 
dramatically increase your fundraising!
Do you need to raise more funds?
Your answer is to tell an effective story that moves your audience to action. I can show you how.
I want to help you and your organization tell a story, raise the money you need, and make an impact. No more wondering what’s going to work, what’s not going to work, how do we get started, etc. With the basic principles I’m sharing from years of storytelling and marketing, you can be confident in leveraging your story for the success of your organization and the people you serve. 
  • Raise more money to fuel your cause!
  • Empower your team to properly tell your organization's story!
  • Energize your supporters!
I’m a filmmaker and marketer, and I’ve helped many non-profit organizations tell their stories, and increase their fundraising. I’ve worked with churches, ministries, children’s hospitals, children’s homes, United Way organizations, youth camps, and more. I make a living helping people tell their story. This workshop is from a speech I gave to a room full of non-profit leaders. They walked away empowered to tell their story, and you can, too. My team recorded the presentation and it's accessible to you!

What you get:

  • Video training: Six videos from my Non-Profit Storytelling presentation. You watch exactly what the live workshop attendees watched!
  • ​Printable PDF: A PDF with the 6 Storytelling Principles so you can hang it in your office to remind you to tell your story every day!
  • ​Audio Version: The entire presentation start-to-finish in MP3 audio format for easy listening.
  • ​Storytelling Formula: A PDF of my simple, foolproof formula for telling stories that works every time!

Only $29

Plus, I'm giving you this bonus for FREE!

Stop The Scroll: My Top 10 tips for making videos people actually watch! 

I was also asked to speak to a group of business leaders on how to create videos that people would watch. I've summarized that talk into a brief E-book that gives you my Top 10 tactics for making effective videos. Video is your #1 vehicle for storytelling. You must leverage the power of video!
Here’s What People Are Saying:

Kristan Spear, President & CEO
United Way of East TN Highlands

"We showed our video to all of the teachers in our school system at their orientation meeting and our donations increased 4x what they were the year before...Thank you for helping us tell our story!"

Cathy Lowe, Executive Director
Virginia Highlands Small Business Incubator

"Josh's knowledge about marketing tools and the energy he exudes are a winning combination. I think Josh Mancuso is a video and marketing genius."
Increase your fundraising now.
Start telling your story in a way that gets the results you need!
Only $29!
100% Money Back Guarantee

I know you’ll love this virtual storytelling workshop as much as those who attended in-person. But, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, just return your purchase within 30 days and I’ll issue a full refund. I stand by my strategies, and if there is anything I can do, you are welcome to contact me anytime. I am here to help. Thank you so much!
P.S: I am super grateful for you. Thank you for working with me!
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